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Youth Registration Form | 2019-2020

There are two ways to register for youth.
You can simply copy the PDF, fill it out, scan and send it to or bring it back in.

Youth Registration | PDF

Or, you can also register through the HUB. You will need to have a user ID and password. You can email for a link to setup your accoun

Youth Registration | HUB

Youth Report Forms

Incident report forms will be completed in the case of an injury at a youth event and the Suspected Abuse report forms will be completed in the event a student discloses abuse.

Incident Report
Suspected Abuse Report

Student Leader Mentor Permission/Waiver

This form is to be completed by parents/guardians to give permission for their child to be mentored by a youth leader.


Off Site Activity Request Form

Small group leaders are encouraged to do off-site activities with their youth. This form is to get approval by the ministry leader for any and all off-site activities.


Gate 78

We would love to see you online as we learn about God and experience Him in a meaningful way. Saturdays @ 6:30 pm and Sundays @ 9:15 & 11 am. Join us on Zoom following worship.


Youth Ministry Care Form

During this time of Covid we have all experienced some type of loss or stress. We want to work together as a team to ensure healthy habits and community for our youth. Please complete this form on behalf of a youth, youth leader or yourself for some extra support and connection.

Youth Ministry Care Form