Grade 10 Girls Leader

Hey, my name is Jelaine Ropp and I’m a Grade 10 Girl’s Leader. I have been involved in Beulah youth ministry since September 2018 and I’m loving it. I like being a youth leader because I love helping our youth grow in their relationship with God. Outside of youth I really spending time with my little family, and being outdoors!

I’m really passionate about helping youth develop their own, real, and dynamic relationship with Jesus. For me personally, I want to challenge my girls to find their true identity in Christ and learn to ignore the harmful messages that the world is constantly telling them. If you’re a parent, please partner with us in praying for the Grade 10 girls as a whole, and for us as leaders to have wisdom in leading them well.

If you’re considering coming to youth, but not too sure yet please message me! I’d love to make you feel welcome and answer any questions that you have. Youth is crazy, fun, challenging, and definitely worth checking out. Hope to see you there! Message me anytime on Instagram (@jelainemarie) or FB or email me: