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Youth Registration Form | 2020-2021

All youth need to complete a 2020-2012 Youth Registration form. You will need to have a user ID and password. You can email for a link to setup your account.

Youth Registration | HUB

Youth Report Forms

Incident report forms will be completed in the case of an injury at a youth event and the Suspected Abuse report forms will be completed in the event a student discloses abuse.

Incident Report
Suspected Abuse Report

Student Leader Mentor Permission/Waiver

This form is to be completed by parents/guardians to give permission for their child to be mentored by a youth leader.


Off Site Activity Request Form

Small group leaders are encouraged to do off-site activities with their youth. This form is to get approval by the ministry leader for any and all off-site activities.


Youth Ministry Care Form

During this time of Covid we have all experienced some type of loss or stress. We want to work together as a team to ensure healthy habits and community for our youth. Please complete this form on behalf of a youth, youth leader or yourself for some extra support and connection.

Youth Ministry Care Form