Feb 21-27 2021 | Things Jesus Never Said: You don’t need to forgive them

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Part 2️⃣ of 5️⃣ from our “TJNS Series” this Wednesday!  Pre-reg is open #linkinbio
We believe that youth are the leaders of the church today and in the future!

One of the places you can serve and lead is in youth band. Play an instrument, love to sing, want to control the buttons that make it all happen? 🎸🎤💻

DM us or @huntermoffat ✌🏽

Pre-registration is now open for next week! #linkinbio
Prayer is the heart-beat of the church 🙏🏻🙏🏾

Starting next week “The Prayer Room” will be open before youth.


Here is the agenda:

Seeking God’s presence as we persistently pray & intercede for our youth ministry, our church, our leaders & our city. 

“The value of persistent prayer is not that He will hear us, but that we will finally hear Him.” 


If you have a hunger for prayer and experiencing more of God, we invite you to come pray. 

6-6:45pm every Wednesday.
"You don't need to forgive them." 

This Friday we are starting a new series, "Things Jesus Never Said". 

Really excited to dive into this, see you all at 7pm!
Stoked for this 5 week series you won’t wanna miss it.
We’re back with a new series & we’re in person & online! So register at beulahyouth.ca/swinperson or watch us on YouTube ✌🏼

PART 1️⃣ of 5️⃣

Pre-register for in-person ✌🏽 #linkinbio
We start a brand new series next week and we would love you to join us in-person or online! Pre-reg has opened for in-person gathering ➡️ beulahyouth.ca/inperson
Online Tomorrow @ 7pm! 

When should I start dating? What does God think about sex?

We will be answering these questions and more! 

TW: We will be referencing pornography and sexual abuse statistics.

When should I date? How do I know when to say “I love you”? What if I don’t want to get married? What does God think about sex?

Check out our story and ask any question you have on this topic [stays private] and we will answer them on Wednesday!

TW: This talk will reference pornography and sexual abuse statistics.
We are stoked to announce that  @huntermoffat & @naomi_klassen are joining our youth staff team, part-time, until the summer!

Hunter & Naomi both grew up in Beulah Youth and have been a huge part of our community. Hunter will be taking on the role of Youth Worship Assistant & Naomi will be taking on the role of Youth Ministry Assistant!

Drop a hello in the chat 👋🏻👋🏾

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