2018-10-10 – MY CHURCH IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL – Because of its Unity


KEY SCRIPTURE: Philippians 2:1-4, Luke 6:32-36



  1. What stuck out to you tonight in the devotional message?
  2. The word “diversity” is used a lot in the media and our culture nowadays, it’s kind of “in.” What kind of diversity does the media and culture primarily talk about? How else are people diverse, more than just those areas? (Potential answers: Personality, hobbies, family life, etc.)
  3. If a new youth walked into our group tonight and didn’t have the same likes that we have, or was significantly quieter or louder than people in our group, or didn’t know how youth runs, how welcome do you think they would feel? What could you do to make them feel more welcome?
  4. If we just love those who love us (or like those who like us) what do we miss out on?

Read Philippians 2:1-4

  1. In the third verse of what we just read it says, “Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,” how do we show or speak value to others above ourselves practically? What specifically could that mean?
  2. How is the unity in these verses different from what people normally see in our world? If we truly lived out these 4 verses in our youth ministry how do you think that would impact others specifically?

OUTWARD PRAYER – Prayer for others



The Church is a big deal when people value others more than themselves.


Philippians 2:1-4 – These verses start off talking about the unity each follower of Jesus has with Him. It talks about sharing in that unity and love and the Spirit. The natural result of experiencing that is expressed in verse 2, that we as followers of Jesus should be in unity with one another. Verses 3 and 4 talk about the attitude and actions that are required to make that unity happen.

Luke 6:32-36 – These verses share how it is counter-cultural to actually pursue unity with people who are not like you (even enemies). It’s easy to like those who like you and are like you. The Church stands out when you value others who are not like you or who you may not even really like.


Here are a few ideas for grabbing the attention of youth and pointing them towards the topic:

  1. Share this video (a little long, you could cut it half way thru) of “Diversity Is So IN – CH Shorts” to introduce the topic: https://youtu.be/5dLeI2JInf0 saying something like: This is obviously a video joking about how diversity ‘is in.’ The reality is that diversity is all around us. This video points to ethnic or gender/sexual diversity. As we talk about how our Church is kind of a big deal, we are talking today about unity in diversity. The diversity we’re talking about is more than just ethnic or gender diversity. Church is full of different people. It’s easy to do church and love the people that are like us. It’s a whole other thing to have unity and love and work with people who we are not like. That’s what we’re talking about tonight.
  2. Share a story of when you experienced unity with a diverse group of people. An example I (Joel) could give is when I was in my first few years of youth pastoring, we did a multi-church event to outreach to youth. We had 23 churches involved across many denominations with senior citizens to junior highs involved in the execution of the event. It was difficult work to bring different ideas and points of view together, but a beautiful picture of the unified church, and the outcome was greater because of the unity.


  • When new youth in our group see a diverse group of youth loving each other, it gives them hope that they could belong
  • When I value others more than myself, I am more fulfilled, it feels good
  • I can do more and achieve better the purposes of God in me by working alongside people who are not like me


  • Ask for help from Jesus to take stock of my own friendships and people I hangout with, how different they are from me in their likes, dislikes, thinking, personalities and abilities
  • Invite people who are different than me to youth, to my friend groups and make them feel welcome
  • If I am at odds with anyone, do the difficult work of talking to them and attempting to restore the relationship