2018-10-17 – MY CHURCH IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL – Because of its Encouragement


My church is kind of a big deal … because of its encouragement

Wednesday October 17, 2018 – Small Group Discussion

KEY SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 10:19-25



  1. What stuck out to you tonight in the devotional message? And/or: What was the last Church event you attended before today?
  2. Often times people talk about church and refer to church as the time we meet (ie. weekend services, or even youth). Over the last few weeks we’ve talked about how the Church is so much more, but tonight we talked about the actually meeting and gatherings of the Church. How important do you think it is for the Church to meet regularly? Why is it or why is it not important to you?
  3. When we meet as our church, whether on the weekends or at youth on Wednesdays, what part of those gatherings are the most significant for you and why?
  4. What are some benefits of meeting regularly as the church that you can think of?
  5. If you didn’t or don’t come to youth or weekend services on a regular basis, what might you miss out on?
  6. What is difficult about doing life together with others? And why do you think Jesus wants us to do life together?
  7. How have you been encouraged through your small group of youth or how have you been encouraged by the devotional times on Wednesday nights? What specifically?

OUTWARD PRAYER – Prayer for others


My church is kind of a big deal … because of its encouragement

Wednesday October 17, 2018 – Devotional


One question that has often been asked about church and specifically about meeting together on Sundays or Wednesdays, or whenever, is Why? Why do we meet? Can’t we just read our Bible, love Jesus and be all good? The answer is yes… and no. This devo seeks to answer that question, “Why do we meet as a church?” Why do we put so much focus on the weekly meeting or regular attendance that people call “Church?” It’s my hope that we land on the main point found in the Hebrew’s scripture that says: Meeting together regularly is God’s plan to help us grow in our faith in Jesus.


The Church is kind of a big deal when we consistently gather together to grow


Hebrews 10:19-25 – The book of Hebrews talks a lot about the transition from the Jewish religion to following Jesus and how Jesus completely changed everything. This whole passage is talking about believers having their new found confidence in trusting Jesus. It shares about this new access we have to God through the sacrifice of Jesus and at the end of the verses, how we are to live in preparation for our eternal life with God. The two key verses, for the purpose of our main point, are 24 and 25. It’s good to understand these verses in the context of the whole. These verses communicate what we do as we live in the now and the not yet. They emphasize the purpose of meeting together. It’s God’s plan for us to keep meeting together in order to grow. Through meeting together we grow in love and good deeds. Our character is shaped to become more and more like Jesus. Practically how we do this in our context is to meet for teaching and to gather in groups for encouragement. This may seem very basic or simple, but is so crucial to the Christian spiritual life. We can grow in our own study of Scripture and in prayer, but I would argue that it is just as or even more important to grow through gathering as the Church.


Here are a few ideas for grabbing the attention of youth and pointing them towards the topic:

  1. You can use the video Groundhog Day 2018 – https://youtu.be/Sty6mbPfIwk which is actually a parody of a movie from 1993 (I would cut the last 17 seconds). The whole idea is that the day continues to repeat itself over and over again. How this fits into our topic and how you could use this is to talk about how sometimes our weekly rhythm of attending church/youth can seem repetitive. In that repetition we can ask the questions, “Why do we do this every week? Why do we meet together?” And then encourage that those are important questions and suggest that you will help answer those questions tonight as we talk about the Church.
  2. Share a story of how the regular gathering in church to hear God’s word or in encouragement in group life has impacted you in a positive way.
  3. Share a story of how not being in regular gathering in the church or group life for an extended period time impacted you negatively.


  • When I regularly come to youth and/or go to weekend services I am receiving positive influences through the teaching and people
  • When I don’t come regularly my life can be influenced more by all of the negative and confusing voices in my life
  • I was made for community and that is where I can find the most fulfillment


  • I need to show up to youth and/or weekend services ready to grow
    (ie. bring something for notes, Bible, etc.)
  • I need to show up to youth and/or weekend services ready to give community
    (ie. be looking for new people, care for others, listen, encourage)
  • If I struggle with my Church community, invite Jesus to show me how I can connect in a better way and/or talk to my leaders about it