2019-01-23 – LETS DO THIS


KEY SCRIPTURE: Luke 16:19-31

MAIN POINT: We need to realize our need for God and share His truth with others.

INWARD PRAYER – Prayer for ourselves


  1. What stood out to you from today’s talk?
  2. Have you ever thought about what life after death will be like?
  3. What was the difference between the rich man and Lazarus on earth?
  4. What was the difference between the rich man and Lazarus after they died?
  5. Have you taken the first step and realized your condition of a need for God? If yes, what was that like?
  6. Have you taken the second step and started or restarted a relationship with Jesus? (We discussed this last week.)
  7. How will you take the third step: sharing the Gospel with those around you? Is there someone specific you want to reach?

OUTWARD PRAYER – Prayer for others


We need to realize our need for God and share His truth with others. (Let’s do this!)

Luke 16:19-31 – This parable is quite serious and somewhat darker than most. The contrast between the beggar and wealthy man in their earthly lives and their later lives is something to be noted. On earth, Lazarus was given nothing but crumbs and had only the dogs around him to soothe his sores while the rich man was, well, a rich man! After their deaths, however, the roles reverse to the rich man begging for just a drop of water from Lazarus. During his time on earth, the rich man disregarded the affairs of his future life. Because of the selfish life he lead on earth, there was now a separation between the rich man and the place where God was dwelling. What this passage tells us is that people do not know or forget just how much they need God. They invest solely in their earthly lives but forsake their future lives. They miss out on a future with Jesus. When you made the decision to follow Jesus, you turned away from the riches of the world and moved towards the wealth a life and future with Jesus brings. The rich man did not accept this life and lived separated from it forever. This was devastating to him, so much so that he wanted to return home to share this with his brothers, whom he loves. However, though the rich man believed that a visit from the dead would encourage these men to follow God, it is made clear that the scriptures are sufficient on earth to share the truth of righteousness. This is what the passage also tells us: we need to share the gospel with those around us so that they may be given a choice to accept it before it’s too late.

Here are a few ideas for grabbing the attention of youth regarding the topic:

  1. Share a story of when you made a decision where you thought there would be little to no consequences, but you were wrong.
  2. (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR JR. HIGHS) Use the clip from A Quiet Place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_FdjXqSZlc. Discuss the fact that though the little boy was given guidance from his Father not to use the rocket, he did anyway and faced the harsh consequences of being hunted by the monster.
  3. Use the Fail Video Compilation: Dogs Who Fail at Being Dogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMhw5MFYU0s to show instances when the dogs tried to do something their way but failed miserably.


  • The state of your future life after death is critically important.
  • We all need a relationship with God.
  • The salvation of your friends and family is also important because you love them.


  • Realize my need for God.
  • Start or restart a relationship with Jesus.
  • Share the gospel with others.