2019-04-03 – Healed



WHAT’S THE POINT? Jesus heals today

WORD UP: Acts 3:1-16

INWARD PRAYER – Prayers for myself


  1. What do you think about the idea that God heals today?
  2. Was there anything that surprised or stuck out to you from Peter and John’s encounter with the lame man in Acts 3.
  3. Peter has full assurance and no doubt in praying for the healing of the man. What would it take for you to have that kind of boldness in faith? (ie. seeing a miracles, friend becomes a Christian, hearing God’s voice on a daily basis, etc.)
  4. Take a few minutes to talk about any experiences you’ve had praying for healing. Share any stories you’ve heard of God healing someone.
  5. Who in your life right now, needs healing? (Physically, Spiritually/Emotionally, Relationally)

OUTWARD PRAYER – Prayers for others (maybe for healing?)



WHAT’S THE POINT? Jesus heals today

WORD UP: Acts 3:1-16
It’s often easy to look at Jesus and be amazed by how he healed people but because he is God, it can sometimes lead to doubt of what we are capable of doing. Acts 3 blows wide open the gates of doubt and shows that a faith in Jesus can lead you to extraordinary things!

Peter and John were on their way to to the temple. This would have been a regular trip for them (even after Jesus had gone) because they were Jewish. On the way to the temple they are abruptly stopped by a lame man who was crying out for help. Unlike the multitude of people who would have passed by, Peter and John stop and address the man.

Rather than the lame man grabbing their attention, Peter grabs his attention by demanding

“Look at us.”

Peter then proclaims that he has no money to give to this beggar but something better.
[Side note] ————> Peter and John probably had money on them as they were going to the temple where they would have offered tithes. However Peter identified that it was not money the man needed but healing.

So Peter gave him what he had… JESUS! Peter had Jesus.

Peter did not pray a weak prayer of healing, or sheepish requesting of God for a miracle (ie. “If you would, if it’s your will, please… perhaps…”) but rather he stood in the authority that Jesus had given him and declared healing. Isn’t this amazing?

Peter could only give what he had. He had Jesus. So he gave.
[Side note] ————> Interestingly in Acts 8, Simon the Sorcerer tries the same thing but doesn’t work for him, because he didn’t have Jesus.
You can’t give what you don’t have.

In the scripture we want to highlight:

  1. Jesus loves to heal, and loves to use his people to do it.
  2. When someone is healed they can’t resist but seeking Jesus and celebrating. (verse 8)
  3. When someone is healed, the gospel is readily received. 
  4. All Christians have the authority of Christ, this includes the ability to declare healing (we just have to listen to Jesus if that is his purpose at the time)  <—— Tune in next week as we talk about “when God doesn’t heal.”


Here are a couple of ideas for starting off your devotional or during it that could grab the attention of the youth you are teaching:

  1. Share a personal story of you or someone you know who has been healed by Jesus.
  2. Use a story from the Alpha videos in “Other Resources and Quotes” section below


  1. Healing is an attribute of God. As a follower of Jesus I should hold this highly. It is part of what I am to do as a follower of Jesus.
  2. Healing is a sign of God’s love and often leads non-believers to belief in Jesus. I can be a participant in that exciting experience. (Acts 3)
  3. God may have given me the spiritual gift of healing and wants me to use it for his glory.

    (1 Cor 12:9)

  4. Not only is healing miraculous, but God has created our bodies to be amazing natural healing vessels. I can celebrate that healing of God as well.


  1. Ask and test if the Holy Spirit has given the gift of healing for a particular situation or as I ongoing gift.
  2. Be ready to listen to the promptings of Jesus and pray for healing over my friends and family. (and random paralytics on the street)
  3. Ask Jesus to transform my heart so that I can have faith to pray boldly for healing.


Alpha Film Series – Does God Heal Today? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPMfAkxZfL4

Youth Alpha Film Series – Episode 12 | Healing Does God Heal Today? – https://youtu.be/NuuUU_9IsLY

“When we prayed for no one, no one was healed. Now we pray for lots of people, not everyone’s healed, but some are.” ~Nicky Gumbel