2019-05-08  – Josh and Jenaye’s Story of Obedience




  1. What stood out to you today in hearing Josh and Jenaye’s story? Why do you think that is important?
  2. Jenaye talked about obedience being not just something you checkmark off in life and you’re good. She talked about it being an ongoing choice. Why is it that obeying God continually difficult? What was difficult for them?
  3. When Josh and Jenaye first heard from God that they were moving they didn’t have the full details of it (didn’t event have the actual location they were to move). Why do you think God reveals things to us in little bits and not all at once?
  4. If you were put in a similar situation and God spoke to you like he did to Josh and Jenaye, what things or people would be hard to let go of? Why?
  5. How did Josh and Jenaye see God’s faithfulness? How did that impact their desire to obey?
  6. How do you think God is going to use Josh and Jenaye’s obedience?
  7. What do you think God could do with you if you are obedient to Him?
  8. How do you hear God?