2019-10-23 Wakeup and Retrain My Heart – Private Faith



1. Re-read the scripture together. (have a student read it)
2. What was your thoughts on today’s talk? Do you agree?
3 What does the word ‘evangelism’/:or sharing faith” mean to you?
4. Common misconceptions: our faith is meant to be kept private, and it’s not ok to share it with others as that may be seen as pushy or non-inclusive, how do we talk to people about Jesus or our faith without overwhelming them or pushing them away?
5. Do we need to have all the answers in order to share what we believe?
6.The greatest gift we have ever received is the gift of life through Christ – it is absolutely meant to be shared with everyone we know. What have been some of the ways you have shared Jesus with someone who doesn’t know him?
7. If the statement “Christ is for everyone!” Is true… Who in your life do you want to find Jesus?
8. Pray for those people.




The greatest gift we have ever received is the gift of life through Christ – it is absolutely meant to be shared with everyone we know.

Matthew 28: 16-20, Romans 1:16


Jesus has been crucified, died and risen. Before this conversation with the disciples he had appeared to over 500 people! (1 Cor 15:6) This final earthly conversation with Jesus is very clear. He commands his disciples to baptize and make disciples of ALL nations. The disciples were called to go and share their experience, their story and disciple others. 

And what were the two things that were essential for new disciples: baptism and obedience. 

Baptism looked quite different 2000 years ago. It would have been extremely public… most likely the nearest river where people would bathe/wash clothes. Someone being baptized would mean telling EVERYBODY (those they liked, didn’t like, friends, family) that they had left their old way of life and were now a follower of Jesus. This would often look like a public declaration of renouncing their old faith belief (in front of their faith peers) to follow Jesus.

Obedience for Jesus is very simple. Jesus was asked in Matthew 22:36-40… “What is the greatest commandment?!” Or in other words, “How best can we be obedient to God?”

Jesus responded very simply. LOVE.

Love God.
Love your neighbour.

The sign of new disciples of Jesus is baptism and CRAZY love!

But the beautiful thing is… every disciple is called to make more disciples. This is why telling our story, sharing God’s love, speaking about Jesus IS IMPORTANT. Because it is one of the signs of a Jesus follower.

Key Verses:
18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

WAKE UP Weekly Challenge (Practical Lesson Application):
Here are a couple of ideas for starting off your devotional or during it that could grab the attention of the youth you are teaching:

ROLE PLAY – Everybody grab a partner and you give them the scenario.

Scenario 1: Connor McDavid is doing a private meet & greet. You and your friend can come as long as you convince them to go. Partner 1 has one minute to convince their friend.
Scenario 2: Partner 2’s favourite musician will perform an intimate concert in your school. But they can only go if a friend comes with them. Partner 2 has one minute to try and convince their friend to go.
Scenario 3: Partner 1 and 2 will both have one minute each to convince their friend to come to youth.

Purpose of Role Play is the show that sometimes people will say yes, sometimes people will say no… but our role is to invite. And when we invite we have to be passionate, or our friends will likely not be interested.

Get feedback from the room of people’s experience.

Teacher share their story of how they began a relationship with Jesus and who were the key influencers.

Maybe share a funny story of when you were invited to something that you later found out was something completely different to what you expected. How did you feel?
Jesus commands us to make disciples. That starts with sharing our faith.
I have influence given to me by God. I should use my influence to help people find Jesus.
I don’t need all the answers but my story is powerful.
The greatest gift we have ever received is the gift of life through Christ – it is absolutely meant to be shared with everyone we know
Christ is for everyone!
A relationship with Jesus has eternal blessings, I should want this for all my friends and family.

Start by following Jesus command to be obedient and CRAZILY LOVE PEOPLE.
Know what you believe.
BE BOLD: whether through sharing about how you went to church over the weekend to your school friends on Monday, or reaching out specifically to someone and sharing with them the details of what Christ has done in your life, push outside your comfort zone and share your faith with someone.
The more practice you get being open about what you believe, the easier it is to go deeper and be bolder with it!
Invite someone to youth or church with you so they can hear about Jesus in more ways than one!