2021-09-29 Rebuild and Renew | Rebuilding Means New Faces | You have purpose


Inward Prayer

Small Group Questions:

  1. It seems like everybody has a role in the worship of God, how do you fit in?
  2. Why do you think Ezra included “common people” as a group of people who were present at the beginning of the new temple?
  3. God seems pretty clear that leading comes out of a place of serving and generosity. What has been the most generous thing someone has done for you? What can you do to grow a generous heart?
  4. It took lots of people in lots of rolls to build a culture in the new temple. What values do you think are important for our culture at Beulah Youth?
  5. Thinking about being a servant leader and how we want that to be a part of our culture, what can we do to practically serve this coming week? Take some time to see where God prompts you to serve and/or give generously.

Outward Prayer


Week 3 | Sept 29
Rebuilding Means New Faces
| You have purpose

Value: Building Servant Leaders

The Main Point: We all have a role to play in rebuilding

The Bible: Ezra 2:68-70

The Context:

When God’s people returned to the temple after 70 years there were certain roles and responsibilities so that all of God’s people could worship. These included leaders, priests, singers, the gatekeepers, the temple servants, common people and generous givers.

It seems like everyone had a responsibility and a role to play. Tasks that included teaching, worship leading, praying, security, generosity, serving and simply being a normal human being. It looks like God was deliberate in that first group of people that were to be responsible for the culture and direction of God’s people. Can you see yourself in any of these roles?

The Core:

As you prepare your core of the message using story and questions keep in mind these points:

1. Everyone has a role to play in the worship of God.
2. Everyone has responsibility in building culture.
3. No-one is to small to have influence.
4. Leading requires servant hearts of generosity.

The Challenge:

As you think of a call to action or challenge for your listeners, keep in mind these points:

1. Where are you serving God?
2. Do you have a heart that is generous and willing?
3. God seems to have a spot for everyone, where do you want to serve him?