2021-10-06 God is Making All Things New | There is hope


Inward Prayer

Small Group Questions:

  1. We just started a new school, what new things did you get to get this year started? Maybe a haircut, new clothes or school supplies.
  2. Thinking about what it’s like to get something new, which of those feelings do you feel knowing God wants to do a new thing in your life. Are there similarities, differences?
  3. God wants to use you to bring his love and goodness to everyone you know, what does that look like in your life?
  4. Post-exile means stepping into the rebuilding and renewal of God’s plan. What do you hope for the future? And what role can Beulah Youth play in making all things new?
  5. Who do you need to love this week?

Outward Prayer


Week 4 | Oct 6
God is Making All Things New
| There is hope

Value: Caring for our City

The Main Point: There is hope on the other side of exile.
God has done it before and he will do it again.

The Bible: Malachi 3: 1-4

The Context:

The Hebrew Bible ends with God’s people struggling to remember their identity in God’s covenant family. They can’t seem to stay faithful to God despite experiencing the tragedy of exile. But Jesus saw himself as continuing the story of the Hebrew Bible and doing what the Israelites could not.

He is the temple that cannot be destroyed. He is God’s presence among his people once again. He invites all people into God’s covenant family no matter where they are.

When we understand the significance of the exile and how this important historical event would have influenced Jesus and his teaching, we can see clearly how Jesus came to heal and restore broken, suffering people and to make ALL THINGS NEW!

The Core:

As you prepare your core of the message using story and questions to keep in mind these points:

  1. What does hope in Jesus look like?
  2. New life in Jesus is not just for us but for all things. Renewal means that Jesus is reversing the curse of sin and death and making all things new and all things right.
  3. What does that mean for our city, neighbours, friends, and family if Jesus wants to make all things new?
  4. What role do we have to play?

The Challenge:

As you think of a call to action or challenge for your listeners, keep in mind these points:

  1. Loving Jesus means loving our neighbours. Who do you need to love this week?
  2. Jesus wants to renew your heart, mind, and soul. Will you let him and go on this adventure with him?
  3. Being a Christian is not a one-and-done. It’s a life-long adventure that has an eternal destiny. How does this view of living shape how you live?