All youth need to complete a youth registration form to be involved at each of our campuses. You will need to have a user ID and password to fill out a form. Once you access the form, you can follow the login prompts. Email for assistance if needed.

West Campus Registration

Southwest Campus Registration


Meetup Form

Did you meet with a student or leader to mentor them? Awesome! Fill out this quick form, upload your receipt and get reimbursed.

Group Gathering Request

Leaders are encouraged to participate in off-site activities with their youth. This form is to get approval from your ministry leader for any and all off-site activities.


Incident Report

Suspected Abuse Report


A youth mentor is someone who intentionally helps a mentee grow personally and spiritually in a relational setting. A youth mentor should follow Jesus, ask good questions and model an example. A mentor isn’t someone whose role is to answer all of your questions and tell you what to do. Instead, a mentor is someone who can ask the right questions, provide guidance and help you discover the steps you need to take.

A youth mentee is someone who is open to a mentor speaking into their life in a relational setting. A youth mentee should take responsibility for arranging mentoring sessions, be honest, and be prepared.

I Want To Mentor

I Want A Mentor

Parent Waiver