2023- Apr 5 | Life on Purpose


This is for You

Big Idea:
There are a lot of misconceptions of what following Jesus should look like. Jesus says that life and life to the fullest are truly found in a relationship with him. It doesn’t lead to an easy life, but it leads to the full life he came to give us.

Key Scriptures:
John 10:10 | Matthew 9:11-13

Discussion Break 1: What do you think is the difference between being happy and experiencing life to the fullest?

Discussion Break 2: What are some of the biggest things that hold people back from trusting God with their lives? Or taking their faith more seriously?

Ending Discussion:

1. What stood out to you from the stories in this episode?

2. What are some of the misconceptions you’ve heard about what it means to follow Jesus?

3. Have you ever had a moment in a conversation with someone, where you felt like God was there with you? Like you were joining a conversation with him and that person?

4. What prevents you from slowing down and noticing God and people more?

5. Read Matthew 9:11-13. What comes to mind when you hear these words of Jesus?

Take time this week to ask God to show you his heart for you and those around you. Write down 2 or 3 things that he showed you.


Take time this week to look for the people and/or places where God might be wanting to show you his hear. eg.  a lonely person in your class, an issue of injustice in your community, a global challenge in the news.

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