2023- Apr 26 | Life on Purpose


An Invitation Goes a Long Way

Big Idea:
Full life is exclusively found in Christ, but meant to include everyone. It’s too good to keep for ourselves, and we’re called to live a life of invitation-a life shared, and you never know how far an invitation can go.

Key Scriptures:
Acts 1:8

Discussion Break 1: Talk about the power of invitation.

Discussion Break 2: If someone was going to share their religious faith with you, how would you want them to do it?

Ending Discussion:

  1. What do you think of the idea that you could be like a missionary to your school and community?
  2. In what way(s) does the Holy Spirit empower us to share our faith?
  3. What do you think about the idea that God can use unlikely people?
  4. Have there been times when you have viewed people as projects? Have you seen evangelism practiced like this?
  5. When it comes to the idea of joining God to reach others, what kind of unnecessary pressure do we put on ourselves?

Opportunity for prayer: Give everyone an opportunity to receive prayer to be inspired and equipped by the Holy Spirit to be like a missionary to their schools and community.

Take a step: As a group, commit to taking a step towards sharing your faith. You might find it helpful to write it down.

Examples- I commit to:

  • Invite a friend to Alpha or youth group
  • Learn the name and detail of the life of a neighbour or classmate
  • Invite someone new to hang out or to eat lunch
  • Write a note of encouragement to a friend who doesn’t know Jesus
  • Research an area of injustice and begin to take action

Before closing, spend some time praying for one another for courage and boldness to share you lives and faith with others.

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